Our team

Founded in April 2021 by our two co-founders, Matt and Claudia, we have grown into a team of marketing, strategy and people experts who are fun, focussed and forward- thinking.

Our team have a wide range of backgrounds, we believe in a people and relationship first approach to consultancy to help our clients achieve the POSSIBLE. Meet our growing team below.

Claudia Coelho
Managing Director

Claudia gets people, she has a PhD in HI, human intelligence*. With her many years of in-house commercial pharma leadership, she is passionate about understanding and leveraging the human element to create a strategic advantage for your team and your business.

*she doesn't really, but believes humans are the key to everything we do

Matt Charge
Managing Director

Matt has a bundle of energy and loves sports that involve exploring the great outdoors!  At work, his happy place and experience is in business strategy, inspiring leaders with visionary guidance to optimise business performance.

Tom Burnett
Senior Manager

Tom's favourite place is the mountains, with a love for climbing he is sure to take your projects to Everest! With experience in medical communications and branding, Tom will bring fun and dynamism to your organisational, product and people strategies.

Peter Welch
Senior Associate

Peter studied marine engineering and previously worked at a London based commercial think-tank. Peter is no stranger to implementing new ideas and novel solutions. Away from work, he likes to grab a camera and get lost in a new city.

Konstantin Boradzhiev
Senior Manager

Konstantin loves exploration and travel. He can help you navigate the toughest strategic situations with his enthusiastic attitude and analytical background. With primary experience in commercial effectiveness and clinical trial management, Konstantin will bring structure and consistency to your strategies.

Emma Williams, Ph.D.
Senior Director

Emma has held senior global strategic marketing roles with extensive experience in rare disease and launch strategy. In her spare time Emma plays for her local hockey club, she is no stranger to collaboration and teamwork, bringing passion to deliver wins for you and your team.

Oscar Littlemore

Oscar loves water sports, particularly wakeboarding! His expertise in wakeboarding seamlessly translate to his consulting approach, where he utilises precise coordination and teamwork to navigate turbulent waters, steering projects towards success. With experience in commercial pharma, Oscar will incorporate both agility and innovative thinking into your strategies.